Maria Schneider as an icon.

With her untamed curls and her fur coat, she is the perfect representation of the 70s and of the sexual revolution.


She becomes famous at the age of 20, as she stars in Last Tango in Paris by Bertolucci (1972). Bitter success: years later she will remember the famous butter scene as a sexual humiliation imposed on her by Marlon Brando and the director. “Now I only cook with oil”, she will ironically declare years later in an interview. On the other hand, she will only have positive memories of another epoch-making film, Antonioni’s The Passenger (1975). 

Openly bisexual, she will be arrested in 1974 for obscene acts with a stewardess at Fiumicino airport, and will be publicly defended by P.P. Pasolini on Il Corriere Della Sera

A fabulous and problematic woman, she will refuse a glossy stardom in favor of a personal path full of obstacles, including drug addiction, but also of love.

A biography analysed through a modern lens: the difficult and explosive path of a beautiful and non-conformist actress, who has marked the history of cinema and the history of women.


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